About RIA Websites

Why Choose RIA Websites?

Creating a website is easy; creating an effective website with user functionality is another story. The team at RIA Websites prides itself on our firsthand knowledge of financial firms and specifically the investment advisory industry, and we are ideally suited to deliver websites to our clients that meet their needs in both design and functionality. Our client websites are truly unlike anything else in the industry, and our platform has been crafted over years of working specifically with asset managers.

SEC Compliance

Our team is responsible for designing and maintaining one of the largest hedge fund databases with over 7,000 funds and 30,000 members. Through the years, we have developed expertise specifically with SEC compliance and the internet. Out of the box, you can be confident that your website is SEC compliant with:

  • Investor Accreditation Forms
  • Investor Approval
  • Investor Tracking and Management

Investment Advisor Functionality

The core functionality of our platform has been developed over several years spent creating websites for asset managers, and we believe our website platform is the most robust web tool developed specifically for investment advisors. From investor qualification and documentation storage to performance statements and quantitative statistics, our platform provides clients with the ability to effectively communicate with both potential and current investors.

Modular System

We know that “one size fits all” never really fits anyone, and our platform’s functionality is modular. Not every firm is ready to use our entire suite of features, and many young firms need high-end look and feel with slimmed down functionality. Our clients have the ability to pick the features they need initially and add features that become necessary down the road.

From a simple and artistic landing page to a multi-product, multi-page site, we have the ability to craft a package for you within your budget and timeframe that meets your needs. We don’t want to sell you a product, we are here to meet your needs.

Because we work specifically with investment advisors, you can be assured that our design team understands the specific aspects and concerns you have when developing a website. We believe this allows us to be efficient and effective during the design phase and confident in satisfying your functionality and compliance needs.

Apart from the website platform, we have custom crafted hundreds of client websites, including multi-billion dollar firms. We have custom built specific applications for dozens of clients, so if you need something “unique” developed, we will create customized tools for your firm.

Data Security

Whether you are concerned with the security of investor/user information or the stability of your website, you can rest assured with RIA Websites as we are compliant with PCI Data Security Standards (https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/financial_institutions/) and utilize industry standard firewall and intrusion detection/monitoring practices to ensure data integrity. We utilize cloud based technology to provide a high-availability clustered environment and is highly impervious to topical hardware and network issues. Furthermore, we maintain a "hot" backup that is activated on failure of our live cluster, and, in the event of a full failure, we can rebuild the system using this off-site backup in less than six hours.